Thursday, December 30, 2010


guess i could start by reverting back to surgery day. i've been lazy the last few days and didn't wanna do much typing. i was still kinda loopy from all the pain meds, so it's probably a good thing i didn't try to type. prolly woulda put some crazy junk on here that didn't even make sense.

when we arrived at the hospital we had to admit ourselves and then go into the waiting room for a lil bit. then after like 30 mins, they took us into the pre-op room and we got a couples suite so we was together the whole time up until surgery time. but in the pre-op we had to strip down and get our gowns on and get cozy in our beds. they took blood pressure, started IV needle, gave shots of hepernan (don't know if i spelled that right) but it prevents blood clots. and we just kinda laid there in our beds talking for about an hour or so. nerves wasn't too bad - neither of us was freaking out. just kinda calmly awaiting them to come get me first, then him. i remember them giving me the medicine that puts you out in my IV right before they started wheeling me into the surgery room. i remember feeling really relaxed and groggy. i was semi-alert the whole time they pushed me from the pre-op area into surgery and when they moved me from the rolling bed to the surgery table. they then put the mask on me and i don't remember anything else from that point on until we was in our recovery rooms. when i woke up i was completely dry mouthed and wanted to guzzle some water super bad! my memories of the recovery room are sort of fuzzy - guess all the meds i was on once again...but i do remember using the bathroom for the first time after and it was really difficult. i had to really concentrate on peeing for it to come out. kinda weird! then i remember eating ice chips and lemon jello. the chicken broth wasn't tasteful at all, so i didn't eat it. kinda made me sickly feeling just the smell. smells have become wayyy more intense. mom came in our room with her mcdonald's breakfast and it was a breakfast burrito which i loved!, but just the smell of it was making me queezy.

i haven't had much gas - non at all in my shoulders *which is really common after this type of surgery, but super painful so i'm thankful i didn't have it* i've burped a little bit, but not much. been drinking lots of water, small sips of course, and eating jello cups, drinking my protein drink, and eating those luigi's italian ice cups.

i've had a few stomach contractions pretty often - don't know if it's a hunger pain or not. feels similar to what a hunger pain use to feel like, but last only like 2 seconds, then goes away. not too intense, but it is pretty often. when i drink it seems to slack up for a little while.

been blowing regular in my lung blower thingy. it helps to rebuild lung strength. shows how much capacity ur lungs are able to contain - and when we first went into recovery, our breathing was really shallow. it's helped us regain strength. we are suppose to blow up to the 1500 mark, and me and rick both are blowing well into 2500 range. :0)

all the nurses and staff at st. elizabeths was super nice & kind. could not have asked for anyone better. daniel and tyrone and leigh was our fave 3 nurses.

the ride home wasn't too bad - slept most of the way. got out at a mcdonald's in st. francisville where mom and traci got them a bite to eat - we walked around in the parking lot and stretched.

when we got home, we mainly just relaxed in our layzboys and about 9pm, walked upstairs with no problem and went to bed. slept pretty soundly also. woke up a few times to use the bathroom. walked around the room a few times and drank 4-6 sips of water then would go back to sleep. woke up at 9am this morning and felt pretty good. just been laying around mostly today. taking vitamins, and all the other meds we are required to take now. i'm sick of the house already tho. ready to go walk around and do something. i wanted to go back to work tomorrow and help cashier thru lunch at the restaurant, but mom and mawmaw said it prolly isn't a good idea with my immune system being down and all the germs up there and customers coughing all the time. don't wanna catch anything to make me get any worse.

right now the incisions aren't hurting too bad. my stomach just feels like i've been kicked in the ribs a few times and is internally sore, but overall bareable. trying not to take any pain meds here at home. i want to recoup on my own unless i just reall really really need some relief.

guess that's about it -- i'll try to update again tomorrow or the next day possibly. not feeling too spunky just wanna kinda rest and relax.

please keep ur prayers coming :)